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Brush Drumstick XBBColor : BlackPieces : 2For all kind of drummers . ..
139,00TL Ex Tax: 117,80TL
Drum Pedal XDP150  ..
639,01TL Ex Tax: 541,53TL
Drum Tambourine With Bells Professional DT3Tambourine rims covered by elastic material .Plug..
199,00TL 159,20TL Ex Tax: 134,91TL
Drum Throne Extreme XDT90Adjustable Height Metal parts covered by nickel Faux leather ..
439,00TL Ex Tax: 372,03TL
Drumstick Practice Pad PPE24Features;- Solid elastical material - Solid wooden table back ..
49,98TL Ex Tax: 42,36TL
Drumstick Professional XB2Made with solid woodFor all kind of drummers ..
26,99TL Ex Tax: 22,87TL
Extreme Cymbal Stand XCS100 New
Manufactured by Extreme, it is also used to complete drum sets such as Peawey, Pearl, Tama and Ludwi..
489,00TL Ex Tax: 414,41TL
Extreme Cymbal Stand XCS50Professionals choice ..
429,00TL Ex Tax: 363,56TL
Extreme Drum Stand XHS125Professional hihat standAdjustable height and incline(100 cm)Co..
539,00TL Ex Tax: 456,78TL
Extreme Twin Pedal XTW2Easy to useEasy to setupDurable material ..
1.248,99TL Ex Tax: 1.058,47TL
Samba Bell DD617Solid plastic material with different two tones ..
344,01TL Ex Tax: 291,53TL
Snare Drum Stand XSS125For all kind of snare drumsAdjustable HeightMetal and iron parts ..
589,00TL Ex Tax: 499,15TL
Sound Block Treble DD1305Made with solid material ..
154,00TL Ex Tax: 130,51TL
Turkish Cymbals Kurak Crash K-C18Material: Yellow MetalÇap : 18" ( 45.72 cm ) ..
1.449,00TL Ex Tax: 1.227,97TL